At registration, you will receive a Poker Card which is an envelope with numbers marked 1 to 52 all around the edges. 

Inside the Poker Envelope there is a card with all of the Poker Cards all around the edges. This Poker Envelope will be Sealed & MUST remain Sealed at ALL times, if opened your poker entry will be VOID. 

At Registration your name will be written on the outside of the poker envelope. At each Poker Stop, an attendant will punch your number selection. When you submit your Envelope Poker Card to an attendant at Stop #5 The University of the Fraser Valley, the attendant will open your Poker Envelope and advise you what poker cards were selected & punched. 

At this time & stop only, riders & passengers will have the option to buy 1 or 2 additional card punches at $10 each. Also the attendant will record your name on the poker inside card. 

The best-3 will be selected to WIN the Poker Prizes which will be announced on stage.

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